In Royalty Hotels & Recreations Ltd, we believe in our people, because we know that “An organization is known by the quality of its people.” Royalty Hotels & Recreations Ltd follows all modes in the recruitment approach; from press advertisement, search through consultants, special recruitment drives and headhunting agencies. It is the policy of Royalty Hotels to recruit staff without regards to religion, State of origin or sex and subject to the laws and regulations of Nigeria that may be in force from time to time. This policy also applies to training, promotions, and terminations, working conditions and all other privileges and conditions of employment.

Royalty Group is committed to ensuring that every member of staff has an equal opportunity to make his/her maximum contribution to the business. Therefore, all staff of Royalty Group must maintain this policy in action, behavior or attitude. It is also Royalty Group's policy that any staff, whatever his/her position, who promotes interests or creates dissensions or prejudice among members of staff on the basis of religion or sex or state of origin will be in breach of Royalty Group's conditions of employment. Once on board, the employee progresses fast enough through a defined career path to higher positions.

In two decades of providing hospitality and catering services, HSE has become a culture in Royalty Group. We give high priority to HSE and ensure that proper policies are put in place and followed up for strict implementation and compliance.

Our HSE Department has a robust team qualified with a MSc and NEBOSH certifications to help us meet current and daily HSE issues where applicable

The HSE Manual and Polices are well articulated to reflect our scope of work and areas of coverage. At any inspection either by the Ministry of Health or the International Oil Companies (IOCs), we have always been commended for the standards we have maintained. There are records to show these facts.

Apart from the HSE, there is an internal Police who acts as enforcement agent to ensure that proper quality is established and maintained at all times.

This team is made of biochemist, nurses, food technologist and catering professionals. It takes a good team to get a healthy meal served

In the last 20 years of our operations, no casualty has been recorded with reference to our meals. It's been a good record as we seek to improve on the achievements so far

Aside the safety policy, our health and hygiene policy ensures that food in any of our kitchens or locations is produced in such a manner that will guarantee total hygiene and reduce to the barest minimum, all foods hazards that might be injurious to the health of customers. We achieve this goal by implementing the widely approved food safety system (HACCP).

We believe in working with our host communities and various governmental agencies and high level consulting firms in achieving desired results to our mutual benefits. We pay particular attention to the engagement of youths in the host communities in employment opportunities that they are qualified for. Besides employment for youths, it is our policy to support community spirited projects like healthcare, scholarship and sponsorship of cultural, educational and social development of the community's